Do you know PBA is not PDA?

Hello everyone,

Jessica Toresco here “TBI” survivor extraordinare. How is everyone doing? Hopefully everyone is doing faboulus. So I had been doing some investigating, considering I have  “tbi” as well. A lot of the information made me realize how lucky I am, BOY, am I thankful to be alive.

I found out that more than half of “TBI” survivors according to the BIAA (Brain Injury Association of America) have additional neurological conditions like PBA (pseudobulbar). For those of you that don’t know PBA causes occasional outburst of laughing or crying, similar to turrets.

This could be very embarrassing because a TBI survivor may blurt out very inappropriate things like ” Shut the front Door” (if you get my drift) in the middle of a supermarket. You can just imagine what people must think.

Its bad enough everyone stares at us, but to also blurt out involuntary shenanigans with no filter just adds to the frustration and outlook of everyday life.

Basically long story short. BIAA conducted a survey for brain injury survivors and their care givers, and more than 80% experiance episodes of PBA.

I guess I am that 20% that was blessed. That’s why i am doing this to try to help the other percentile. To be honest, for kicks I just blurt stuff out to see peoples reaction – its pretty funny.

So this was our wake up call. In order to see the rainbow & enjoy the flowers. You must go through the crazy forest of life first.

If you would like to read more about PBA, here is a link to the article. Check it out and spread the word thunderbird.

With that being said buckle up & enjoy the ride.