Day by Day

Today is a good day…

Jessica in ICU
Jessica the first few days after the accident

Today was a great day because Jessica has made big improvements. The doctors and nurses had her sitting up in a chair bed that allowed her to be in a more upright position. But best of all she has opened her eyes, however she does not track anything just yet. She is also starting to move around on her own a lot more and all the nurses say she is looking much much better. She even threw her pillow out of the way today. Even though it is far from being a well thrown and accurate toss we all know she is capable of, it is an enormous improvement.  We are all very excited about the current progress and deep down inside know that it is only a matter of time before she comes out of her coma completely. Other good news is that she can almost breathe on her own. Her respirator is down to four ( not sure what that means) and the doctors say that  if she keeps improving like that, they expect her to take her off of it completely in a few days.

All in all she has shown great improvement but still has a long way to go. It is still one day at a time, however everyday she gets better and better. All we can do now is continue to pray and be thankful that she has a road to go down. We thank everyone for their concern, prayers and support. In the infamous words of Joe Dirt, “Keep on, Keep’n On” and don’t forget to take the time and tell everyone close to you that they are special to you and wear your seatbelt… Thanks for checking in, until tomorrow…


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Walking into the TICU (trauma intensive care unit) today you could hear the Neurosurgeon making his rounds. How would you know? Because he shouts at the patients instructions much like a military drill sergeant in order to check for progress.  You hear commands like, HOLD UP TWO FINGERS- STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE and the like.  As he approached Jessica’s bed we were anxious to see her reaction.  Never thought it would make us happy to have her stick her tongue out at us but…

She didn’t. She did move her left hand in a courageous attempt to hold up two fingers, but the fingers really didn’t stand out.  Next he pinched her upper chest area and she quickly reacted by grabbing his hand as if to say “Hey take it easy Doc.”  The Doctor then turned to us, smiled and gave his prognosis.  “She is going through a text book classic comeback. Everyday a little more awake… these types of injuries take time and she is progressing very well. “ We were delighted and thrilled to hear those things and as quickly as he came he left. Reacting on queue to verbal commands is the next big step or measure in her progress. All we need are some cheerleaders and a band every time they come to check and see if she can do it; it’s that big of a step.

She is doing better every day. We are eagerly anticipating her holding up the two finger peace sign.  To be honest I’d be happy if she just gave me the finger at this point in time… as long as it was on command of course. She is now breathing on her own with just a little help from the oxygen to make sure she doesn’t lose her breath. Her ability to move her left side is progressing along nicely. However we are still waiting to see more movement from her right side. So far there is not much. This is an area of concern but it is still very early in the recovery process. She has suffered many contusion and we have to wait for the swelling to go down in order to see more improvement. Her MRSA infection and pneumonia are under control and her fever comes and goes. All in all it was another good day. As I approached her bed side I held her hand and she grasped it tight as if to acknowledge that we were there and that she knew everyone was praying and rooting for her to make it through. I am sure tomorrow will be a better day.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day Ten

Today was much like the weather, no desire to do much and not too much going on. Jessica is still showing small significant improvements. Today we noticed that she was moving her head to the right and also moving her right arm considerably more. Best of all it seemed as if she was actually making some facial expressions. Without a doubt she is much more active and moves around a lot. This of course may not sound like much but it is still an improvement and we are happy to see it. Her antibiotic was changed today and the nurses and doctors decided to put her back on her ventilator to help her breathe overnight. Her fever is still there and seems to get stronger as the night approaches. Tomorrow they will do more cultures to see if they can zero in better on what is making her sick. One day at a time is the motto… only time will tell how the true extent of her injuries but as for now she is progressing and not regressing so this is good. Not to much more to report today still limited visitation so stay tuned. Thanks again for checking in, until tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day Twelve

Today and yesterday was and is more of the same.  Small incremental steps of improvement are what her recovery is all about.  She has spent the last few days heavily sedated fighting her fever. Last night it was not as high reaching 101 degrees and her white blood cell count is improving.  The change in antibiotics looks like is taking effect and the nurses say her fever should be gone before to long. Seems like she has been very tired and frustrated with her condition, it has to be tough not being able to talk or do anything you used to. Not much else to report today still wait and see… thanks for checking in…

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day Thirteen

She still has a fever and is more alert than usual. The nurse is putting her in a cardiac chair for a couple hours a day. She is trying to focus and last night she had a fever of 102 but it went back to normal in the morning. Today I saw her right arm moving and that is good because she hurt the left hemisphere of the brain that controls her right side. Today I saw her cough and it made her look strange, the noise she made when she coughed was like a chocking gagging sound that made me feel frustrated because I couldn’t do anything but  watch. Seeing my sister like this makes me feel like my insides were getting ripped out. I hope that tomorrow will be better for her.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Fourteen

Today Jessica is doing better. The nurse had told Jessica if she could stick out her tongue. Later at 3 o’clock the speech specialist had came in and tried to make her talk. When the specialist left she told us to block her right eye because she keeps looking to the right not to the left. We put a pillow on the right side to prop her head up, but not blocking her vision, hoping to prevent her from looking that way. When you talk to her it is best to talk to her from the left side, because doing so she would attempt to look to the left. One more day has past and today marks two weeks since the accident happened. Everyday is a little bit better so we are very hopeful that she will continue to get better and be discharged from the TICU unit. Thanks for checking in more to come tomorrow….


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Day in TICU

Today the nurse said that the medication was changed. She is now one two pain killers instead of three and different antibiotics. Her fever is now 100.6 we are hoping it will go away soon. She will almost track you with her eyes so we are confident that she will be able to do this soon. This will be a big step forward in her recovery that we all look forward to seeing. It seems she is starting to move her right eye more this is very encouraging to us. The night shift nurse has been off for a week and he said she has shown significant improvement. However she still does not follow commands but we are all sure she will soon enough. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more good news for Jessica. Thanks for stopping by…


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today the first thing I noticed when I saw Jessica was she had better eye contact and she would almost stare right into your eyes as if she is trying to say something. I also noticed that she would grab your hand more rapidly than before. Unfortunately she is still fighting her fever .The nurse also advised us that we cannot over stimulate her so we have to talk to  her without touching her or touch her without talking to her, while doing so we have to stand behind her and  let her see us one at a time. Although it was a tragic accident she will have a positive outcome.  When I come to visit my sister I am sadden but know she will pull through.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today when I saw Jessica it was the first time I saw her yawn since she was here. I also noticed that her fever has gone down since last night.  She is also tracking a lot more.  She turned her head to the left that is a good sign, because she used to only keep her head to the right. The nurse took away the breathing tube and replaced it with a oxygen cuff today. They are also putting an arm brace on her right arm because it seems to be stiffening up. We were also told by the nurse that Jessica is being moved to regular ICU, but we don’t know when. She has improved dramatically since the first day she was here.  It is still hard to go home every night without Jessica. I hope she comes home soon.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Step Down

Today Jessica has improved so much that she was finally “stepped down” which means she was transferred out of T.I.C.U. and into a step down unit. The next step is for her to be transferred to a Rehabilitation facility for “Acute Rehab”.  This will be a crucial part of her recovery and one that we are still trying to determine where it will be. That is another story… The good news is that she has made amazing progress over the last three days. Here fever is gone for now and it looks like the MRSA infection is well under control. She is now tracking a lot better with her eyes and actively moving her arm, the movement is a bit clumsy but she is moving it with a specific intent. She is scratching at her nose and running her fingers through her hair. As I sat bedside today telling her to keep up the fight, to be strong and that she was doing very well, she was tugging at my shirt and looking directly in my eyes. It looked as if she was trying to speak, trying to ask me to help her…trying to ask what happened and why she was where she was. However a look of pain soon came over her and I lost eye contact. She held my hand and squeezed it while I told her that everything would be better. It was a gut wrenching experience that I will never forget.  I am very curious to know if she is in pain and how much she understands. It is evident that she understands when visiting hours are over because her expression changes to one of sorrow and it looks like she is crying when we leave. In particular when she sees her mother leave the room. It is still very difficult to see her in this condition but the good news is she is getting better and better. I cannot express our gratitude for all the kind and encouraging words, prayers and positive energy that has been bestowed upon us during this complicated moment. It certainly seems as though it is working because Jessica is getting better.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Things are looking much better for Jessica today. The Neurosurgeon said that she is progressing very well and that she needs to start her acute rehabilitation. This means she needs to go to another facility that will work with her specific needs such as re-learning how to do just about everything. We are hopeful we will find one soon and get her the help she needs. Her Fever has almost disappeared but she still will get a mild temperature in the mornings. She has a great deal of phlegm in her lungs that she is constantly coughing up. She is still not moving her right side all that much so they have placed different orthopedics on here to help keep and maintain her mobility. She is suffering a lot of atrophy now; her legs are starting to become rather thin. Her arms seem a bit swollen and we are told it is from all the poking and I.V.s she has had. She is now completely off the antibiotics so we hope the MRSA will not re-appear and have to start her on them again.

Sitting up in a chair
Sitting up in a chair

She still has a tracheotomy and a feeding tube but is breathing more and more on her own. She is able to make different faces that display her emotions, still waiting to see a smile soon. I am sure it is just around the corner, just a few more days. Until then it is one day at a time. We are seeing some great improvements and are very hopeful of a full recovery. It goes without saying how much we appreciate all the prayers and positive energies put forth so unselfishly from so many, we can’t thank you all enough. Cherish the moments no matter how insignificant…

Until tomorrow…


June 10th 2009

jess_june_8 (1)We are told that she is classified between a level three and four according to the Rancho Los amigos scale of cognitive function, there are ten levels all together to give you an idea of where she is. They say she may be released any day now in order to go to a rehabilitation facility. However we have not found one that is suitable for her just yet or one that will accept her without reaching a higher level. We are hoping that within the next few days we will have found one. It is still too early to determine what or how complex and advanced her injuries are going to be so we have no idea of what the long term affects will be. We are hopeful that they will be minimal and that over time will become nonexistent. That’s all for now, thanks again for keeping in touch, God bless you all…


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today Jessica was in a very good mood I just wish she would smile at me like she smiled at the physical therapist Gene and the night shift nurse Linda. Her heart rate is doing better they lowered the medication she was on. We have been taking her outside for 10 minutes a day. Last night Cindy brushed her teeth. She is also starting to move her left leg a little now. We hope that we will be able to get her to rehab soon. It looks like we may be able to send her to Children’s hospital in Georgia. Every day she is looking better and better, there is no doubt that she is able to focus and follow you with her eyes. Unfortunately she is still not to the point of being able to follow commands.  All for now, thanks for checking in….


Friday, June 19, 2009

Blank look is anyone home?
Blank look is anyone home?

Today Jessica is putting her gown into her armpits instead of pulling it up. She got a new wheel chair with a backrest that helps support her. We wheel her around in the wheel chair instead of the old cardiac chair. Jessica got a new apparatus that lifts her up out of bed and puts her into the wheel chair. Today Jessica also put a flashlight in her mouth and started to laugh while she held it there.

Jessica had some visitors today. Her girlfriends Sarah and Amanda stopped by to see her. They were able to go outside for a while and enjoy each other’s company. Almost like old times…

Currently we are working on getting her to the next facility. We are hoping to get her into Children’s hospital of Atlanta. It has a fine reputation as a reputable facility that has a lot success working with people who have suffered similar types of injuries.

Every day that passes our optimism grows and appreciation for what we have as well. We are very thankful to all the individuals that have been supporting and expressing their concerns for Jessica. There are far too many to mention, Jessica is very fortunate.

Keep the prayers coming and the positive vibes, they are working and her moving around with intention is proof. Remember that yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift and that’s why we call it the present…Until tomorrow…


Monday, June 22, 2009

Six weeks today, sitting bedside and she looks like she is trying to tell me to get her the heck out of here. At least when I ask her if she is ready to go she stops being so restless. She spent most of the afternoon flipping her pillow like a pizza.

She fell asleep for a little while holding my hand. When I arrived today the whole crew was here, brothers, father, grandmother and she was laughing and smiling. She likes company and enjoys it when people are visiting.

She is starting to moan a lot and that is a good sign of progress. I also noticed she was moving her leg a little more. She really is trying hard to get out and moving and this leads to her frustration because she is unable to. So for know its steady as she goes….

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today was a pretty cool day. For the first time in a long time we were all able to have some laughs with Jessica. She was in rare form today. When we walked into the room, she was covered in what appeared to be chocolate milk. It turned out to be her food from the feeding bottle. She somehow was able to maneuver herself into position to grab it and yank the cord right out. It spilled all over her as she lay in bed. She had the look of a small child when they know they did something wrong and as soon as she saw us she broke out into a cry.

That is the way things are now, she has regressed to a child like state. Everything she grabs she puts into her mouth and you can’t let her have anything to close. Otherwise, she will grab it and break it or put it in her mouth. She also has discovered her nose; she likes to pick at it. When you tell her not to, she just smiles, laughs, and finds it to be the funniest thing ever.

We were playing around with her by not letting her touch her hair or face and pulling her arm back. Her reaction was to laugh and snicker until she got frustrated then she started to cry out by moaning. However, we have quickly discovered that her moans are more of attention seeking and that she is not in any pain or anything. She just likes to cry out to get attention and that is fine with us.

The big moment for me was when I gave her a little piece of chocolate. Up until now, she has not had anything in her mouth to eat or drink. We have been afraid of her lack of ability to swallow. It could be dangerous for her if she could not swallow because she could choke.

I had a sneaking suspicion that she would be able to do it just fine. I gave her a little tiny piece and she loved it. She had not tasted anything in so long that she quickly started to saver that taste and swallowed with no incident at all. I know she could do it, so I gave her another little piece. I guess that will be our little secret for now.

It was a high light so to speak. For now, all is well. We are still working on getting her to children’s hospital in Atlanta. There has been a lot of support from friends and newfound friends that we really appreciate. We can’t thank you all enough for your efforts and determination in helping us gets Jessica to Atlanta. I know she will be there soon, it is such an important step for her to take.

If you will call your troubles experiences, and remember that every experience develops some latent force within you, you will grow vigorous and happy, however adverse your circumstances may seem to be.

John Heywood (English Playwright and Poet, 1497-1580)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As we moved and stretched her legs she was a little more cooperative than usual. She did not seem to have as much pain. She still likes to pick at her nose and clean her fingers on whoever is close by. She gets a real kick out of playing that joke on people.

The nurses also said that they are going to recommend that she have more physical therapy during the day. This should help improve her a great deal and speed up the progress.

We are still trying to get her into Children’s hospital in Atlanta. However, the cost is an obstacle now but we have a small army of dedicated friends and neighbors trying very hard to help raise the funds. We are very appreciative of their efforts and unyielding support.

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”
Author Unknown


Thursday, June 25, 2009

nothing workingToday Jessica was put on the tilt board and she was able to stand flat on her feet. She also picked up her left foot while standing there. She responded to command to show two fingers. She did this twice. She was offered pudding to eat and was given a choice between vanilla or chocolate and she chose chocolate. She appeared to enjoy being able to taste the chocolate. This is the first time that she has had food in her mouth since the accident six and a half weeks ago. She smiled at her mother for the first time, which made Denise very happy.



Sunday. June 28, 2009


Our prayers are being answered. Tomorrow will be seven weeks since the accident and in these past three days we have seen much progress with Jessica.


Although she still has the feeding tube in her stomach, she is being offered food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last night she drank the cup of soup which her mother was feeding her. It took a long time but she drank it. When Denise was feeding her some peaches (cut in small pieces) she took the fork from Denise’s hand and put the piece of peach in her mouth and then handed the fork back to Denise. She can chew and swallow the food. Not in great amounts, but it is a wonderful start.


Monday, June 29, 2009


Jessica had an active day today. She ate a grilled cheese sandwich (one of her favorite foods) and seemed to enjoy it, She does not have much of an appetite, but that will improve with time.

She was able to respond to the neurologist’s command to hold up two fingers. She did not, however, respond to his request that she wiggle her toes.

During speech therapy she was shown two picture cards and asked to choose the one that the therapist was naming. She chose the right one eleven out of twelve times by pointing to the card. She is still unable to speak.

She gets angry when not allowed to do what she wants. She pushed the therapist when she was holding her arm and not allowing her to pick her nose. She was also able to open the velcro belts that hold her in place when she is sitting in the cardiac chair. Obviously, she will not be able to sit in that chair unattended.

It is becoming more and more evident that Jessica is getting to the level where she will need to go to inpatient rehab. A decision will have to be made real soon.

Jessica has lost 12 pounds. They will continue the feeding tube and start titrating it down as she increases her food intake. It will take a little while, but she is on her way.

During physical therapy yesterday she was able to sit on the side of her bed with a little bit of assistance from the therapist. She was able to balance herself by putting her left hand on the bed. She responded to command to hold her head straight. She is also responding more when asked to show two fingers.

We are profoundly thankful for all your prayers and good wishes. We ask that you continue to pray for Jessica’s recovery


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jessica has been accepted at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. This will be the first leg of a long journey towards rehabilitation.

Since Jessica is still unable to speak and cannot walk or sit up, she will be receiving intensive rehab in an inpatient setting. The plan is for her to eventually go to Georgia.

We are very excited and hopeful that she will continue to improve.

Once again, we thank all of you for your prayers and support.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jessica is getting her appetite back. Today she ate her lunch and dinner plus a fresh fruit cup that her mother had bought for herself.

She also picked up her friend Sarah’s cell phone and pushed the right buttons to call her mother (twice). Unfortunately, Denise was not able to answer the calls, so we don’t know what she would have done if she had answered.

She was in a very good mood this evening as a lot of the staff came in to say good bye to her. She will be off to Jacksonville tomorrow morning.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today was the BIG day. Jessica was moved from Delray Medical Center, by ambulance, to Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital in Jacksonville. She left Delray at 9:30 am and arrived in Jacksonville at 3 pm. Denise traveled with her. Her dad and brothers followed in the afternoon.

Since this will be a completely different environment, it is important that she at least have familiar faces around her. Loving care from family members is important in the recovery process.

The uncertainty associated with the brain injury prognosis and eventual outcome can be very stressful. However, we are very optimistic that Jessica will have a full recovery.

We are extremely appreciative of your prayers and support. THANK YOU!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Jessica has settled in and appears comfortable in her new environment.

She had a very good day today. She had a very busy schedule of different therapies: physical, speech, occupational and recreational.

Getting better all the time
Getting better all the time

When the speech therapist asked her her name and gave her pen and paper, she wrote Jessica with her left hand. Although she is right handed, she cannot use her right hand yet. When asked for her date of birth, she wrote


Monday, July 6, 2009

A happy, wonderful day! Jessica woke up this morning and Denise thought she had heard her say “oatmeal”, but she wasn’t real sure. (She had oatmeal for breakfast).

Last week we were told that it would take a long time for her to regain her speech. Then we were all surprised when that same evening she started to say NO. But, today she started talking. When asked, she told the therapist today’s day and date. She has also been able to ask to go to the bathroom.

“Where are the twins?” she asked her mother this morning. Her favorite words today have been “actually” and “exactly”. She is not able to carry on a conversation, and sometimes she gets frustrated when she cannot express herself, but we are certain that she will regain her language skills real soon.

Of course, she also writes what she wants. In true Jessica fashion, she wrote “I hate therapy” and handed the paper to her therapist. Everyone had a good laugh.

Our prayers are being answered. We are so very grateful to all of you for your prayers and support.  THANK YOU!!!!


Tuesday July 7th 2009

Today was a good day for Jessica she is talking in complete sentences  most of the time. She seems to have found a new  love for ice cream. In physical therapy she was able to take her first step with the help of a therapist and some parallel bars. The doctor is considering putting a serial cast on her left ankle. That will promote the stretching of the tendon. The speech therapist had attached four electrodes to the right side of her face. This is supposed to help her facial muscles regain their strength, which in turn will help her with her speech and get rid of the right side droop.

Jessica continues to amaze the therapist and those around her. She is trying hard to overcome this nightmare. As SHE decided that she is going home on Monday at 2:30. However we don’t think that brooks is an agreement with her. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today was Jessica’s third day of acute rehabilitation at brooks. She finally came to realize that she was involved in a terrible car accident. Somehow, she was under the impression that she was thrown from her horse Vegas. She is doing great in her speech therapy although she does get tongue tied quite a bit. In physical therapy, it seems they will be casting her left ankle on Monday. They are also working on strengthening her trunk. Although the nurses, therapist and doctors are very nice, Jessica is not thrilled to be here and she makes her feeling known. Thankfully, Jessica only complains to me my brother and my mom. However, I am truly amazed that Jessica is laughing throughout the day.

Thank you all for  checking in and GOD BLESS


Friday, July 10, 2009

IMG_0486Jessica arrived at Brooks rehabilitation center weighing 116 pounds a week later she weighs in at 123 pounds. She is constantly laughing and making fun of people. She does however get upset when she can’t move her right side. But the good news is in physical therapy today she was able to move her right hand from her side up to her chin. She managed to do that three times and then had to go take a nap. They are still using the electrodes on her face in hopes of strengthening the muscles. The speech therapist is very happy with the daily improvements Jessica has shown. In recreational therapy she was bowling on the wii and got a score of 100.

Overall we are all very happy with Jessica’s progress and would like to thank everyone for their continued support.


Sunday   July 12, 2009

Weekends are slow around here, or as Jessica puts it very  boring. She is used to 8-9 therapies during the week.  Weekend there are only 1-2.  Today it was recreational, bowling again. Occupational therapy worked her right arm, which she was able to raise 10 times.  It was not easy but she did it.She is able to move her right leg a little bit. Jessica likes going out to the pond to feed the fish and enjoy the little sunshine that came our way ( finally stopped raining,)

Thanks for checking in.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Jessica had a good day today.  She is really putting forth the effort in therapy.   They casted her left ankle today, she was very worried about it. But just as they told her it was no big deal, hopefully they will get the stretch that they are looking for.

In speech she seems to be able to write whatever she is asked to. When it comes to reading it’s a different story.  She can read but skips words and makes up her own sentence. When shown pictures of things she knows about 90 percent then comes up with off the wall answers for the other 10 percent.

She does keep the people here laughing.  Although I think they are not quite sure on what to make of Jessica, Sweet with a twist of sarcasm.

Thanks to everyone……………..God Bless


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jessica had a rough night last night. The cast was really bothering her, she begged us to cut it off.  Hopefully tonight will be peaceful.

She was taken off the megace which opened her appetite.  She has a very good appetite, almost scary.  Seems she has acquired quite a sweet tooth.

She is improving everyday in all her therapies. The exciting news is that when the speech therapist saw her today after 2 days off, she thought her face was more symmetrical.

She still gets confused as to events of the day, and names of things. But she is not consistent. It’s almost hour by hour, one hour good – the next confusion. The doctor said to keep correcting her and that with time it should get better.

Keep the positive comments coming Jessica has been reading them.


Wednesday, July 15,2009

Jessica was upgraded to a regular diet; she had been on a mech. soft diet. They put her on a special walker and she was able to move both legs. That was a feat considering she has a cast on her left leg. The right arm is still slacking but hopefully it will get with the program.  Jessica remains in good spirits, and wants to go home. Thank god she keeps on getting better.  Keep the prayers coming-  Thank-you.


Friday, July 17, 2009

IMG_0438Jessica gets better and better every day.  She has suffered significant cognitive damage, memory, speech, ect.  They feel that with time everything should improve.  And no one can accurately tell how much improvement there will be. For those of you that know Jessica personally you know the improvement s will be limitless.

In physical therapy she used the Arowalker to help her walk once around the gym.  Then with the help of just two therapists she was able make another lap. Still working the right arm, apparently the arms because of the fine motor take a bit longer than the legs.  They removed the first cast and stretched the tendon again and re-casted it. So far she hasn’t complained about it. Hopefully we will have a good night.

Weekends are slow around here but the therapist has given us homework to keep us busy and speed her recovery.

Thanks to all who are keeping up with Jessica’s progress. God bless you all.


Saturday July 18,2009

Wasn’t a whole lot today.  We have been practicing walking on our own and doing great. The doctor has prescribed Ateral , which has increased her blood pressure and has made her a bit sweaty. I was told the Ateral is for her concentration, of which there is very little right now.

We only had rec. therapy today were she painted a few pictures.

Thank you for your prayers and nice thoughts!

P.S. Britany and Sage the boarder looks great almost like being home.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Jessica continues to improve.  In physical therapy she was able to walk with a cane and a little assistance from the therapist.  They may have to cast her right arm to stretch it. It’s in a brace but she keeps taking it off.  In occupational therapy they seem more concerned with making sure she can brush her hair and teeth, and putting her shirt on rather than on getting that right arm moving.

Through it all Jessica  has keep her sense of humor.  They should do a study on the effects of laughter because it sure has helped us all.

God bless and keep the prayers and good energy coming,


Tuesday July 21, 2009

Today Jessica was given a tentative discharge date of Aug. 15.  The doctor feels they should have her walking by then. That will make out patient rehab a little easier.

Jessica has her left leg in a cast, she has a splint on her right ankle and will be receiving a cast on her right arm.  Her muscles have started to contract again. They have upped the mg. of the spasm drug to try and control the tone. It’s all workable just very painful. We have hit a little bump in the road, but Jessica is more determined than ever.  She wants to go home.

Her speech is getting clearer. Her memory is still a little weak.

To keep it all in perspective we arrived at Brooks on July 2.  Jessica wasn’t talking, sitting up let alone thinking about walking. Look at her now, talk about progress!!!

Thank you all for you generous support and endless prayers.


Thursday July 23, 2009

Tuesday night was not a good night.  Something upset Jessica’s stomach and she was throwing up all night.  Wednesday we were able to skip the first therapy at 8;30.  But had to be at the 9 o’clock one, she got a long arm cast on her right arm.  We were worried that the cast would really bother her but that was not the case. That cast comes off in a week and they are hoping that the arm will extend. She had a good night whatever it was seems to have passed.

Today they removed the cast from her right leg. When they put the cast on her foot it was at a negative degree, now it’s a positive 4.  So no more cast. Hopefully the arm will do just as good if not better. She is wearing splints on both ankles for 2 hours a night; it will be increased slowly to all night. The muscle spasms seem to be under control. She still needs to strengthen her core muscles.  She is able to sit on the side of the bed with little to no assistance.

At this point Jessica appears to be at stage 6 confused/appropriate.  There are 8 stages of recovery.

Thanks to everyone for following Jessica’s amazing recovery.

Sunday July 26.2009

Jessica spent Sunday afternoon playing basketball with Matthew.

jessica_26_022_n3mpOK ……well not exactly.
She is standing with little assistance.  The cast on her arm will be removed Wednesday.  They will replace it with one from the shoulder to
the wrist and a paddle on her hand to keep the fingers extended.  She suffers from aphasia.  Which for Jessica means she sometimes cant find the right word in conversation.  But she can usually spell it.
Tomorrow starts another week of therapy.  We have 3 weeks left here and a lot to accomplish.  With Jessica’s determination it should be a peice of cake.( we can dream .)

Thank you all and God bless!!!!!


Monday  July 27,2009


Jessica got her first session of bio-feedback on her right leg.  They would have liked to do her right arm but it is in a cast.  The next session is Wednesday and I am hoping they will include the right side of her face.  Her right eye is trying to blink not quite there but at least there is some movement.

The progression is slow but still positive. She has gained another 2 pounds. Tomorrow the team meets (therapist and doctor) they will see if everyone is on the right page and monitor her progress,

Everyone’s kindness is greatly appreciated.


Tuesday  July 28,2009

Jessica appears to be very oriented now.  It’s a continuous effort to get her core muscles stronger. We have another session of bio-feed back tomorrow.
She peddled a stationary bike today for almost 5 minutes by herself.

I has been raining here every afternoon so no basketball.

Thank-you for checking in.


Thursday July 30, 2009

Jessica keeps amazing the therapist.  They have adopted her favorite word “lovely”.  Her personality has not changed a whole lot. Today when asked what she liked about herself she responded with ” I just like me”.  She certainly keeps everyone laughing around here. Which isn’t that easy it’s not exactly a joyous place.

All her therapies are going GREAT, which is another one of her words.  She was able to ride the stationary bike today for half an hour and the motor never had to click on.  Oh, by the way that’s all with the right leg.

Her memory for some things is better. But if you give her say 3 things to do and ask her fifteen minutes later what they were she can’t tell you. That should get better but if not we will go through a whole lot of memo pads.

Jessica can’t wait to get out to the barn and ride. It might have to be Sojo(yeah right).

Thanks for checking in. Jessica loves to read all your comments.

God Bless


Sunday August 2,2009

Well, so far Jessica has AFO’s she needs to wear at night. They bi=valved her cast so she wears that at night only. She wears a paddle on her right hand most of the time. Starting Monday we are hoping they will use the nessH200.  The nessH200 is an advanced therapy system designed to use mild electrical stimulation to improve the way the arm works.  They are using vital stem on her face which is also a form of electrical stimulation.
All her therapies are going well.  The speech therapist says that even the para=aphasia is becoming less and less.  Jessica is definitely making up for lost time.
It’s easy to forget that she has only been here a month. I have it on good authority that for every down day you have three days of recovery.  So we are just at the beginning of the tunnel but the light is as strong as can be.  I am so amazed by Jessica’s commitment to getting well.

Regards to all……..

Tuesday August 4,2009

Jessica has started her 5th week of therapy here at Brooks. Her progress continues to be positive.

The Bioness 200 seems to show some promise although it is far to soon to tell.  They are hoping to put Jessica in a harness type thread mill; they can adjust how much weight she will be putting on her legs.  The hope is that it will allow for a more natural gait. When she walks now it is with assistance and with herky  jerky motion.

The best news today came from a nurse from the 3rd floor. She hadn’t seen Jessica for about 2 weeks. She noticed some muscle improvement on the right  side of her face.

A sure sign that Jessica is getting back to normal ………………..she pedals a stationary bike daily, if Jennifer her PT or I sit with her she can barley pedal.  But if Chris a student PT sits with her she seems to have no problem. She talks to him for the half hour and pedals, pedals, pedals.

Keeps the prayers coming she is not done yet!!!!  


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All therapies went as usual, except for physical when they tried the thread mill.  Jessica’s heart rate needed to be 100 or under hers was 123.  So they figured that after they put the harness on it should go down well it went to 132.  Ok they figure if they just attach her to the thread mill and walk she should be alright, well just attaching her made her heart rate soar to 173. They couldn’t get her down fast enough. She is fine guess just a tad nervous. Hopefully they will try again tomorrow.

She is taking trazadone to sleep. It was at 100 mg they have lowered it to 50 mg soon to be as needed.

We will see what tomorrow brings………….only good things I’m sure.

Much love

Saturday August 8, 2009

Friday Jessica’s heart rate was still high. Apparently, it has probably always been that way since the adderal.  Because she is asymptomatic, no one thought to check during her therapies. Although even at rest it was at 90. She got through 3 therapies on Friday and had to go on bed rest for the rest of the day.  The cardiologist feels that its due to the adderal so he discontinued that and put her on tenormin.  The doctors hope that within a few days everything will be normal.

Nothing else to report unfortunately weekends really stink around here. Thank goodness the boys are here to keep things interesting.

Thanks to everyone for checking in.


Monday August 10.2009

I am happy to say Jessica’s heart rate seems to have stabilized.  She did not need the tenormin this morning. They did do an echo cardiogram

no one has come to tell me the results.

In physical therapy they are going to start working more on balance. This will help her walk. We hope now that her heart is stable they will try the treadmill again. Because of all her riding her abdominal muscles are quite strong which really helps.

In Jessica’s words “slowly but surely”.

 God Bless


Wednesday August 12,2009

 Jessica’s new discharge date is August 29.  Finally success Jessica was able to walk on the treadmill. She did very well on it after she stopped laughing. They are trying to get her hamstrings to cooperate; her quads are trying to do all the work. Just like with her right arm the bicep overworks and the trisect doesn’t  kick in. They are also trying electrical stimulation on both. Her muscles seem to respond very nicely to that type of stimulation. With extensive therapy her right side should come back but it may take a while.

She is no longer on any heart medication. They also changed the muscle spasm medication. The one she was on was making her tired they will take her off that one slowly and start her on a new one that shouldn’t make her sleepy.

Jessica’s garden ,in recreational therapy they let her paint a ceiling tile. They put the tiles back in the ceiling once they are done.  On the second floor the ceiling is quite colorful. (that’s her floor)

Hope to see everyone by late August Jessica is very anxious to get home.


Sunday August 16, 2009

 Jessica has begun the countdown, 13 days. God help them if they postpone it again. She is doing so much better. Jessica can walk (assisted) all the way to the computer room from her room about 90 feet.  Her goal for the next two weeks will be to walk(assisted) all the way around the nurses’ station. Brooks is one big circle with the rooms going out from the middle with the nurse’s stations in the middle. She was fitted for a wheel chair she got a bright yellow light weight chair.( just until she can WALK.) The boys really like it apparently its very fast.  They get kinda bored here. Finally she was able to move her right wrist,. That’s huge! Tomorrow we go to the optomologist her right eye has been bothering her for about a week now.  They couldn’t tell me what was wrong so I made an appointment.  Hope I can find the place.

Dr. Srinivasa gets back from vacation tomorrow. That’s Jessica rehab doctor.  We are hoping she will take Jessica off the heparin shots. The shots are to help avoid blood clots. The shot isn’t so bad it’s the heparin that stings and bruises her stomach.

Jessica was told she should be the poster girl for electronic stimulation. It really seems to work for her, unfortunately no results in the face yet. They loaned me a zapper, so part of the routine every evening is to zap Jessica along with all the other stuff they have me do. I think they are determined to make me a therapist. I am glad they find me capable, there is only so much they can do in the limited time they have.

 If you have hope you have everything.


Friday August 21.2009
I apologize for not posting technical difficulties.  Jessica continues to improve, she met her goal. Made it around the nurses’ station(little fumble here and there) so no more shots. Her stomach is one huge bruise. There are days when her memory is right on and her steps aren’t fumbled. Then there are days that aren’t that good and she’s tired and cranky.  Finally today we got some movement in her right ankle. You need range of motion in the ankles to be able to walk normally.  The occupational therapist recast her right arm to get a better stretch. Boy was that fun and it was only on 12 hours. They  bi-valved it, that’s when they cut it in half and she puts it on every night.  The therapist wants Botox injections in the arm but the Doctor doesn’t feel it’s necessary. They told me to keep pushing for it when she goes for day treatment.
Can you believe she can actually tie her shoes with her left hand. Still set for 29th discharge.
Believe in Miracles

August 23, 2009

Jessica is in good spirits with 6 days left there still is a lot of work to be done. She is walking with some assistance but now her ankle is turning in and she keeps putting her toe down instead of her heel. Her right arm is going great she can raise it from her chest to over her head.  She can’t move her fingers yet. Sometimes it feels like 2 steps forward and 1 back. Tomorrow they are going to see if maybe she can walk better with a walker.  They will have to tape or ace wrap her right hand to the walker. She also seems to have gotten some sort of infection in her elbow it was swollen and hot full of puss.  They quickly put her first on bactrim then on the other antibiotic that they use for MRSA.  Here we go again. Just have to keep telling myself 6 days left!!

Thank-you for your continued support


Friday  August 28, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day.  Jessica finally goes home. It has been almost 4 months since Jessica has been home. As nice as it is to go home it’s a little sad leaving Brooks. Jessica said it was like leaving friends everyone was so nice to her.

I would like everyone to understand Jessica’s condition. She came to Brooks in very bad shape and she has made amazing progress.  However its far from over. She will not be walking in the door, driving to her friend’s house, or even be able to put her hair up in a ponytail.  That is not to say it would not happen. She has a lot of therapy ahead of her. She is a work in progress.

Her next stop will hopefully be the day treatment program at Health South in Sunrise.  It is an intensive therapy program. She will surely kick butt there as well.

Thanks for your good thoughts.

Wednesday August 26, 2009

3 days to go……..Soon Jessica will be opening another chapter in her recovery.  God willing it will continue at the same momentum that it has. 

The speech therapist commented today that Jessica’s reading has improved greatly.  Before she would have to correct her 3-4 times per sentence, now it is 1-2 times per paragraph. 

She has doubled her walking goal.  We go 2 times around the nurses station. Balance is getting better, but she still needs assistance.

As far as her face goes, she will have to get a CT scan to determine the extent of nerve damage. That way we know what we are dealing with (I hope).

 Thank you for checking in.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Welcome Home
Welcome Home

Guess whose back in town again…. Jessica has arrived alive. After enjoying a few free days it has been off onto the trail of finding another rehab facility.  She has spent the last couple of days on the road with Mom going down to Sunrise and meeting with the people from Health South. Hopefully they will allow her into the outpatient program, we find out Friday so stayed tuned. Her return home marks a great point that has been crossed, she is finally home.

She can’t walk but she can talk and will let you know exactly what she thinks. She got a WII today in order to help her with her coordination and a stability ball and a floor mat  so she can do her stretching  and exercises. The motor skills on her right side are still not working well but she can manage to walk with support and a Cain. Mainly she gets around on a wheel chair and uses her left hand to do most things. We are optimistic that if she keeps on improving at this rate she will be walking on her own by the holidays. That’s all for now, keep on checking in and we will have more info coming your way ….take care and god bless


Monday September  7, 2009

Jessica has been home for a little over a week .  The adjustment was
been a bit of a challenge.  Her second day home she rode Ralph. We had
to stop her from galloping off.  She has rode him since and every time
her balance improves.  She is dying to get on her horse Vegas but I
think its best to wait. She gets tired easily but I think it has a lot
to do with the heat.
Rehab starts on Wednesday down in Sunrise 9-3.  The speech therapist
couldn’t believe he was having an actual conversation with her. Not
even 4 months from the accident.  I believe she is finally going to
get the botox in her arm. They will continue with the electrical
stimulation to her face.  Although I believe it has gotten better
already. And the walking well that will come with time and practice
,practice ,practice..
We met some friends today at Spanish River Park for a Labor Day
picnic and Jessica was playing Frisbee. (from her chair but she was
playing). She is usually always happy which does make it easy.
Thank you to everyone who has come along on this long journey.  A very
special thanks to the paramedics, firefighters, doctors, nurses and
the give big crew.  The world is a much better place with caring
people like you guys.

Keep the prayers coming we are not done yet.

Friday September 11,2009

Working it out
Working it out

Today marks 4 months since Jessica’s accident.  I think we can all
agree that she truly is a miracle.
She has been at Health South day treatment program for a week now.
Next week she will get the added benefit of aquatic therapy.  So
therapy days will be a little longer but well worth it.  She was back
on the tread mill this week it went well.  They also put the saboflex
on her right hand.  It is a device that keeps her fingers open with
springs but she is able to close the hand on her own. The arm seems to
be getting better. On Monday they will start the vital stem which is
the electrical stimulation to her face. I can’t tell you how thrilled
she is. They also lent me a electrical unit to use over the weekend on
her triceps that just made her day.

Working on the right side
Working on the right side

Jessica is very happy with the new place although she says she liked
Brooks better. I offered to take her back to Jacksonville but she
wont have it. In true Jessica form she has the therapist all laughing
and not really knowing when to take her seriously.

Thank you for checking in.

Sunday September 20, 2009

Jessica is doing great in therapy. They might give her aquatic therapy
on Fridays too.  If she can get an hour then they will go for it the
problem is the pool closes early on Fridays. Jessica is all excited
because they may not do the Botox. Her right arm has calmed down a
lot. She is willing to do anything as long as it does not involve
shots. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekend she is out at the barn.
She has given a lesson or two. She gets tired easily and naps.  By
nine o’clock she is usually sound as sleep. Of course she is up by

Sunday October 04,2009

Jessica has been doing great at Health South, Now that they have added
the aquatic therapy her days are long but well worth it.  On the days
that she doesn’t have therapy she goes to the barn and rides Ralph.
She goes for about half an hour.  She sits really well but the
mounting is pretty ugly. The trot is getting better but that right arm
gets a little excited.
Jessica is looking forward to college.  She has decided that maybe
classes at home on the computer are the way to go. On September 26 she joined Stacey on a 5k walk.

Stacy and me
Stacy and me

Between him and her uncle they pushed her
the whole way.  Keep in mind that Stacey was in full gear. He is one
of the main firefighters that helped save her life.
On October 19 she will get the Botox injections, in her bicep and
quads. She is a little nervous about it.


Sunday October 11,2009

hi everybody this is Jessica i would like to say thank you for all your
concerns im getting botox on the 19 im scared i hate needles but they
said it will get me walking faster and relax the tone in my muscles
and last Friday in the pool they made me bicycle and both legs did it
it was amazing eveyone was amazed so i guess its just a step by step
process i cant complain im just happy im alive.

Friday October 16.2009

hey everyone this is Jessica today in therapy i walked in the pool by
myself no help, just day by day i guess im so nervous cause Monday i
get botox but they said it will make me better. and now i have a
abscess under my arm it hurts so bad but the doctor put me on
antibiotics so i hope it works today i did wii fit standing up it was


Monday November 09, 2009

Our apologies for not writing sooner.  Jessica is doing great.  Friday they casted her right arm.  That cast will come off Thursday.  Thentoday they casted her right leg below the knee.  That will come off in9 days and they will re-cast  right away.  It has not been “lovely”. The pool is on hold until all the serial casting is complete. Jessica did have fun on
Halloween.  Her good friend Amanda and her dressed up.  They were supposed to be thing one and thing two but ended up Miss thang one and two.
By the way the Botox shots were a breeze..  I was hoping to see a more drastic improvement.  But hopefully after the casting that will be when we will see results.She is hoping to start taking some college classes on line.  I think that will be a good start.
Jessica says she would like to be a pharmacist.  She cracks up laughing and says she is going to sell drugs. It still amazes her how nice people are to her now.  When we took her necklaces to be fixed the jeweler told her that he had a present for her when she walked into his shop unassisted. People out of the blue will talk to her wish her well, have kind words for her she laughs and claims she is famous. I must say through this horrible experience people have surprised me. From the great staff at Delray Medical, the awesome therapist at Brooks, and the equally great people at Health South. All family and friends, Jessica has no idea how truly blessed she and we all are. Promise to keep everyone better updated.  God Bless.
Wednesday November 11,2009


Today is the  6 month anniversary of  Jessica’s accident.   Jessica continues to amaze people with her progress.  We all know how fortunate we are to have Jessica.  That point really hits home when we go to the rehab therapy.  There we had the pleasure of meeting two young women that also where in car accidents, but for one reason or another not as fortunate as Jessica.
Tomorrow  she gets the arm cast off, but I think they will be putting another one on.  So far its been 48 hours with little sleep.  The leg seems to really bother her at night.   Just keep your eye on the prize…… hopefully her arm and leg  will get the full benefit of the botox.
Mona suggested Jessica write a book about her experience. I hope  she takes that suggestion to heart .  I believe she could be a true inspiration to people going through this horrible experience.  The silver lining.
People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are I don’t believe in circumstances. The people that get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, they make them.”
George Bernard Shaw

And the beat goes on…………………………..



Tuesday November 17,2009
Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.  Jessica gets the leg cast off,
unfortunately  she will probably get casted again.  She still isn’t
sleeping very well, at least the crying is over. They did take the arm
cast off.  They  cut  in half so she can wear it on and off. They are
a little worried about her elbow because its sorta red.  She also has
to use the electrical stimulation on her arm.  She can actually move
it now with the help of the stimulation.
We spent the weekend in Tallahassee  for Jonathans bar mitzvah.
Jessica had a great time as we all did.  She was dancing in the
wheelchair and out, her brothers were a bit embarrassed .  We went to
FSU and Jessica was ready to sign up for classes. The only incident
during the trip came the first night when Jessica fell off the bed.
Luckily she just laughed it off and went back to sleep.

Thank you for your continued support.

November 30th 2009

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
Jessica is doing great. Her memory has improved greatly. The “normal”
person should be able to remember up to 7 things.  A phone # for
example. Jessica can remember 6 things 100 percent of the time.  The 7
things at about 40 percent.

She has the third and last cast on her leg.  The first three nights
were rough but she rather we are getting some sleep now.  She was able
to take three steps un-assisted  last Tuesday.

She is able to move her right arm a little easier now. She has all
sorts of equipment to help get that arm working.  But like Sue the
Occupational Therapist said it has to come from Jessica.  The brain
needs to make the connection. But again she has youth on her side.

Thanks to all who continue to pray for Jessica.


Monday, December 28, 2009


First Christmas since accident
First Christmas since accident

Hello all hope everyone had a nice Christmas, Chanukah, or whatever it is you celebrate. I am just happy to be alive and here with my family. If you think about it, the alternative is not that great. So I hope you have and are having a happy holiday season.

Christmas this year was nice, I spent it with family. I got a bunch of stuff, Perfume, some clothes and a WII game called brain academy that is supposed to help me with my memory. I hope it does because guess what… on January Sixth I am going to see a college counselor about going to college. I have to find out if I took my college placement exam. I am very excited.

Mom says I will need to do it from home for now though because it is going to be difficult to take me back and forth from the campus. I just hope I can get in.

I am still going to Health South three days a week for therapy. It is way down in Sunrise and takes about an hour to get there. I am lucky though because my mom takes me every time.

I had a cast in my right leg for six weeks, but they finally took it off.  I have been practicing walking with a cane, but always with someone beside me. I was able to take ten steps by myself the other day. I was so happy. Little by little, I am improving and cannot wait until I am able to walk on my own again.

I am told that the impairment  of my face and my right arm will take a lot longer. But, I am able to lift my right arm with a great deal of effort.  I Still can’t use my right hand though…

I do all the exercises and my hand is a bit more flexible than before but I cannot pick up or hold anything.  But that will all change soon, I am determined to get my ole’ self back- so stay tuned for the progress.

Thanks for checking in, kiss your loved ones and wear your seat belt,

God Bless


Friday, January 1, 2010


Hello everyone this is Jessica I want to wish you all a happy new year, and my prediction is by May 11 I will be walking that will be a year since the accident. I would like to say thank you to everyone for never loosing hope in me and always pushing me to do as much as I can.


Monday January 25, 2010

Acupuncture time
Acupuncture time

Exciting news.. Jessica started acupuncture today.  Because Jessica is not your typical patient They actually had the president of the acupuncture school come and talk to her. She is a 76 year old Chinese lady.  Very nice says they can definitely help Jessica with her arm, leg and face.  They told Jessica that it has been 8 months since accident, if she gave them 8 weeks she should see substantial improvements. Jessica is not very happy about the needles but is willing to give it a try. Her walking has improved greatly as well. I find if I’m not that quick to respond she manages to find a way.  The other day I left her sitting on one side of the barn, I got busy on the other side before I knew it there came Jessica walking with the help of her cane but otherwise on her own.  It was just awesome.

Back in the saddle baby
Back in the saddle baby

Her horseback riding has gotten better too. I was giving a lesson the other day and Jessica was just riding around the barn then she came into the ring. Walk , trot is all I can handle.  If I left it up to her she would be galloping around.
For the most part we try not to use the wheelchair. Her body is still quite weak but there is improvement every day.


Tuesday February 02, 2010       

Jessica has had week of acupuncture and it really seems to be working.  Her arm appears to be a bit more relaxed.  It is easiest to see improvement in her arm.

Jessica with Sue
Jessica with Sue

Sue her physical therapist says she is progressing.  Now that she is not using the wheelchair as much she has gotten much stronger. She has met all the goals that they had set for her, of course they have new ones for her.

Susan her occupational therapist sees progress as well.  It’s just a little slower.  She explained that to walk Jessica has to use her legs and balance but she really doesn’t have to use her right arm to get by.  But with a little determination and a lot of repetition that will come too.

In speech they are testing her sort of like the FCAT, to determine exactly what her weaknesses are. 

Jessica will continue her therapies as well as acupuncture and riding horses for as long as it takes.

Thank you all for keeping Jessica in your prayers.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jessica has graduated to a straight cane.  She had been using a quad cane but the therapist feelsshe would benefit more from the straight cane.
The acupuncture is going good. Jessica has finally agreed to do her face. The hope is to regain full use of her right eye lid and have a full mouth smile not just half a smile.
We all continue to take one day at a time, and make the best of it.
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience by which you really stop to look
fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, “I lived through this horror, I can take the
the next thing that comes along.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

February 23,2010

hi its Jessica it my birthday yay!!!!im doing really good they said alot of improvement i still do acupuncture it hurts like hell but the guy who does it is really cool and i trust him and only him im doing really good in therapy i graduated to a straight cane so its harder but whatever it takes i have a problem keeping my attention in 1 spot i zone off a lot but at least im improving

Tuesday, may 18, 2010 
hi everyone this is Jessica. Sorry it has taken so long to write, been so busy signing up for school and everything. It had been officially a year on may 11th crazy isn’t it but technically i don’t count it as a year because i was in a coma for about 2 of those months. But i cannot thank god enough for giving me a second chance at life i am so grateful. When i think of all i have overcome it truly is a miracle.

  Therapy is going great. I love my therapists they are awesome. They are helping me learn to walk again & control my hand. Soit is not alwaysup, but honestly without their help i would be a lost cause my family can only do so much. I just realized how far i have come i am so proud of myself 🙂 i was watching my videos from awhile ago (channel 5) & its like a different person.

  I am excited about starting college but i realize it will not be easy. But i am very determined to give it my best. I took the C.P.T. (college placement test) & I did pretty good except in math 🙁  I don’t really remember how to do math, like the algebra looked like Chinese. I really didn’t do well in math but the other sections i did.

Hi everybody this is Jessica, it’s been awhile since I wrote. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has been keeping up with my progress. It really means a lot to me knowing I have all this support. Well on the 23rd I am going to orientation for school. I’m excited to start. I know I won’t always be saying that. Last Saturday the 5th I was in a fun show (where you ride your horse & have fun). I did the costume class and got 3rd place I was really excited. I wanted to just run around, but I knew I couldn’t 🙂 So I think I am progressing really good even when I got on the horse I use to hug the neck and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. This time I kept sitting up the whole time I didn’t slouch 🙂

My good friend Stacey bought me a 3-wheeler (bike).Thank you so much Stacey!!!! My mom makes me go around the block every day. At first it was really hard, but day by day it has gotten easier. I look pretty funny, with my hand ace wrapped to the handle-bars, foot to the peddle. Now that it’s warm, i go in my pool a lot more.

Hi everyone it has been so long since I have written on here, but I have amazing news I took my first college class and believe or not I got a *b*. Today I had the 1st day of my next class, there is no stopping me I plan to have a great future and not depend on anyone. I got new afo’s  (splints for my feet) and they help me walk so much better. I can almost walk with my cane by myself without losing my balance. I can walk about 10 feet completely on my own with no help no cane nothingJ I just get a little nervous sometimes .   I’m still working on my hand/arm it’s not coming as easy as my walking. My therapist says I have a lot of potential so all I can do is keep working out and trying my best.  Every day we get a little improvement so that’s a plus.

Just a quick update on my progress.  As some of you may know my therapy has stopped, actually sometime ago.  I go to the gym now. My mom took away my wheel chair a while back, after some slips and falls I am doing pretty good.  Still in school I took an on-line class this time. At first it was hard but I love it now.  I am trying (a little) to find a job, transportation is a problem. Thats all for now. God bless and believe in miracles!!!!









Like it baby I am a TBI survivor